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Here Is What I Will Do To Sell Your Home If You List With Me

Below you will find a list of some of the things I will do to market and sell your home or property.

  • I will give you an accurate MARKET EVALUATION. This will help you decide the price point at which your home should be advertised in order to capture the most attention from prospective buyers.
  • I will hire a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and cover all the expenses for high-resolution PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS to be taken of your home. These photos will highlight my vigorous advertising campaign.
  • I will pay to have FLOOR PLANS drafted and available for any potential buyer. Floor pans are an amazing tool to help satisfy a buyer’s desire for more information on a potential new home. It gives them the ability to confirm their furniture will fit and helps them visualize how the home is set up.
  • I will have a MATTERPORT 3D VIRTUAL WALKTHROUGH created and put online. Matterport walkthroughs are one of the most recent and technologically savvy marketing tools available to REALTORS® these days. They allow a buyer to ‘mouse click’ their way through your home. The buyer will have the ability to stop at any point and look around 360˚ at stunning, ultra-high-quality images of your home. (if you are unfamiliar with this tool google it and have a look. It's pretty amazing stuff)
  • I will create a ‘WALKTHROUGH VIDEO’ of your home and property and upload the movie to the internet. This video has proven to be an invaluable tool for allowing prospective buyers to walk through your home from anywhere and at any time. They can view the link as often as they like, plus they can share it with friends and family members. This video can also be used as a ‘pre-screening’ tool. We may find that a buyer will not need to see the home Sunday morning if they have had the opportunity to view the video.
  • I will (whenever possible/appropriate) use a DRONE to fly the property and shoot the exterior and acquire some aerial footage of the property. This is one more way to give any prospective buyer the ‘full picture’ of what your home and property have to offer.
  • At my expense, I will have all your advertising materials designed by a professional GRAPHIC DESIGNER.
  • I will order a HOODQ REPORT. This report will allow prospective buyers to see all the relevant features of your neighbourhood. It will show things like: which schools, parks, amenities, shops, emergency centres, etc. are in your area. Buyers LOVE this stuff.
  • You can expect REGULAR UPDATES on your home’s marketing activity. This way you know I am on the job and working hard to get you the results you expect.
  • I will at my cost and whenever possible, order your HOME FILE from Kelowna City Hall. This will help to lessen the chance of any surprises which could jeopardize your potential sale.
  • I am EASY TO REACH. This is something not all agents can say. My personal cell number and email address are on nearly all my marketing materials. This makes sure I am on top of things when it comes to working with the buyers who may be interested in purchasing your home. I also pledge that I will be available to answer your phone calls, emails, and text messages should you have a question or want a status report.
  • The respected and recognized Century 21 GOLD/GRAY POST will be prominently placed on your property whenever possible. This will alert buyers that your home is for sale and where to find further information. (If you are selling a strata property which does not allow yard signs I will create an informative strata board sign to catch the attention of passers-by.)
  • I will hold an OPEN HOUSE (if this is something you would like done) which will allow prospective purchasers the opportunity to view your home in a stress-free manner. Someone will be available at each open house to answer questions and to emphasize all the positive aspects of your home to prospective buyers.
  • I will list your home on the REALTOR® MLS TOUR (if this is something you would like done and if the tour is running in your area). This will give other Realtors® the opportunity to view your home first hand so they can better describe the features your home has to offer to their buyers who may be shopping for a home like yours.
  • I will have HIGH-QUALITY BROCHURES professionally created, printed and on display at your property allowing viewing buyers a takeaway reminder of the features your home has to offer.
  • I will include your home in my office's VIRTUAL OFFICE TOUR which will allow my colleagues the opportunity to preview your home. This is a real asset as it allows me to answer questions and to really sell your home to other Realtors® and access their field of qualified buyers.
  • The team will send info regarding your listing to our whole SPHERE OF INFLUENCE (prospective buyers, investors, past clients, etc.) letting them know why they may want to consider buying your property. According to the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB): over 85% of home sales take place due directly to the contacts and relationships a Realtors® has built over the length of our careers. You will benefit by having multiple agents sharing your home's info to our buyers!
  • I will execute STRATEGIC ADVERTISING by sending media advertising your home to Century 21 offices across Canada.
  • I will keep DETAILED RECORDS of who viewed your home, when they viewed it and any feedback they provided. This will allow me to contact anyone who has taken an interest in your property when we have an offer coming. In many cases, this contact can initiate a multiple offer situation.
  • I will provide a COMPLEMENTARY MOVING TRUCK to assist you in moving out of your old house and into your new home. The truck will also be offered to any buyer who purchases through my office. This may be one more incentive for them to buy your home. (18' cube-truck)
  • Through mine and my team’s years of networking with other industry professionals, we have built some great relationships. You will be able to benefit from these PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS by saving money on things like: legal fees, taxes, appraisals, home inspections, home decorating/staging and more!
  • I will cover the cost of procuring any of the important and necessary DOCUMENTS required when selling a home: Title documents; Property file documents from City Hall; Strata papers; etc.

These are some but by no means all the tools I utilize to assist you in selling your home. It is very important to make your home stand out from the crowd. Every property has its own individual characteristics and features. I will capitalize on your properties winning attributes and use them to their fullest potential.

Give me the opportunity to show you how I can make the sale of your home as easy, stress-free and profitable as possible. I will provide you with a specific sales analysis, outlining what we can do to make your home sell quickly and for the best possible price.

Listing your home with me and the Welcome Home Team will help put a SOLD sticker on your FOR SALE sign before you know it!

Internet Marketing

  • Your property will dominate the Internet. I want everyone possible to know that your property is for sale. I advertise on a plethora of websites!
  • Here is a list of some of the websites you will find your property advertised on along with a breakdown of some of the other great Internet marketing I will do if you list with me:

MLS - - Century 21 Kelowna, Canada, North America & International - YouTube - - TWITTER - Multiple FACEBOOK pages - Craigslist - OpenHouseKelowna - Point2Homes - Kijiji - - - Posterous - QR Tags - Street Text - Linkedin - Point2Agent (Uses aggregation to send your listing to over 45 websites including: The Real Estate Channel - Google Base Beta - Oodle - - Vast - - Niche properties Network - 3DVista - etc.) -, Plurk - FriendFeed - Buzz - Picasa - Flickr - Viddler - Vimeo - - Tumblr - Blogger - Xanga - Wordpress - Scribd - HouZoo - The Housing Block - Zoocasa - Home Gain - Foreclosure - Google Maps - AOL Real Estate - UltraForeclosures - RealEstateActive - PCS - CLRsearch - Investor Loft - Campushomesonline - Home Trader - Luxury Regestry - VivaReal - Cyberhomes - The Housing Pages - Backpage - Frontdoor - Zillow - Clickable city Directories - RealTown - Tovit - YahooRealEstate - Kazork - - Street seed - PropertyShark - HomeFinder - Vast - Hotpads - Repeat Property, and the list goes on and on and on….

  • I will have your home listed prominently on my websites at and, which have been recognized in the topmost active real estate websites within the entire Century 21 Canada system (out of approximately 8000 agent websites).
  • My website is also Trilingual (English, French, and Chinese) allowing foreign investors a good chance to see your home from abroad.
  • I will purchase your home’s address as a DOMAIN NAME (e.g.: This means that your home will have its own website. This website is dedicated strictly to the marketing of your property and will make it easy for prospective purchasers to find your home when they are either standing in front of your house looking for info on their smartphones or searching from the comfort of their home.
  • I have paid to make certain that we are on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE whenever anyone searches for many of the most popular real estate words or phrases. This will increase traffic to your home’s website and make sure your home is seen by more buyers.
  • I will purchase both GOOGLE AD WORDS & FACEBOOK ADS. These are ‘pay per click’ ads designed to keep your listing in the spotlight when prospective buyers are looking for properties online.
  • I regularly find my listings on OTHER REALTOR® WEBSITES. My team’s listings look so good we have found other agents use them to fill up space on their websites when they do not have enough listings!
  • I also constantly monitor my listing’s INTERNET ACTIVITY and have the ability to see EXACTLY where the internet action is coming from. This knowledge allows me to adjust my marketing to capitalize on what is working and tweak the things which may not be performing as desired.

I hope that you find value in my extensive menu of offered real estate marketing services. Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. If you find that there is something someone else is offering to do for you which I may not be, please advise me of this and we can discuss adding the service. I am never too proud to admit that I may not have thought of everything;-) I am open to and welcome your suggestions.

I look forward to working with you.